Scholarships, grants and awards

Find out about different types of scholarships, grants and awards.

What types of scholarships, grants and awards are there?

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To get a scholarship, you need to meet certain criteria, which can be based on things like:

  • area of study
  • academic merit
  • community service or involvement
  • ethnicity
  • financial hardship
  • the industry or trade
  • leadership
  • the region you grew up in, or where you plan to study.

Scholarships can apply at different education levels, such as diploma or Master's degree, and also vary in what they cover. For example, some may cover tuition fees only, while others cover all course costs and some of your living expenses.

There are thousands of scholarships, grants and awards, so you should take a good look to see what you can apply for. There may be more opportunities than you think.

Where can I get more information on scholarships?

Look up scholarships on the givME database

givME (formerly BreakOut) is a searchable database that holds information on more than 4,000 funding schemes that cover study, professional development, research, travel, arts, sport, and community projects.

The database is provided by Generosity New Zealand.

You can use givME for free at:

Where else can I go for help?

  • Talk to your careers adviser – they can tell you what scholarships, grants and awards you might be eligible for. They can also help you with application forms.
  • Talk to education providers, course co-ordinators and lecturers about options if you are already studying.
  • Check with sports, community, religious and other interest groups that you’re involved in, or that are active in your area.
  • Look at the education provider, government and industry scholarship further down the page.
  • Click on the links below to get scholarship advice and information specific to Māori and Pasifika students.

Scholarships from universities, polytechnics and wānanga

Many universities, polytechs and other education providers offer their own scholarships, grants and awards. There's often a scholarships officer or career adviser who can tell you what scholarships you may be eligible for (whether they're offered by the university or by someone else).

Tertiary education providers may also have a list of scholarships on their websites, including eligibility criteria and application forms. Check out the education providers listed below – the list isn't exhaustive, but it's a good place to start.

Adam Goldwater won so many scholarships during his university horticulture studies that he has trouble remembering them all. Find out how Adam learned about these scholarships, and how they helped his study.

Adam Goldwater

Adam Goldwater

Horticulture Student

Scholarships, grants and awards provided by government, industry bodies or interest groups

Government agencies offer or administer a large number of scholarships, grants and awards. The NZ Government website is a good place to search, as it covers all Government departments and agencies.

Funding from industry or interest groups

If you're interested in training in a specific industry area, you should see if that industry has an industry training organisation (ITO). ITOs usually provide training and job information to hands-on industries such as agriculture.

Some also offer scholarships, or have information about where you can get scholarships related to that area of work.

Many of the links below relate to a specific type of job or area of study. Many of these listings are also for graduate students.

Updated 14 Dec 2015