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The Real Game

A classroom programme to introduce Year 9 and 10 students to the world of work, develop their understanding of what's available to them, and the importance of their choices.

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What is The Real Game?

The Real Game is a career education resource designed for students in Years 9 and 10. It introduces students to the world of work and helps them to develop an understanding of the options and opportunities available to them and the implications and importance of their choices.

It is a useful step towards individual learning and career planning, including subject choice. It uses elements of role-play, group work and individual investigation to help students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to assess and make decisions about further education and training and career options.

The Real Game was developed in Canada. Ten countries are offering programmes from The Real Game series. For information on The Real Game internationally visit The Real Game website.

What has changed in this edition

The first New Zealand edition was produced in 2002. The second was completed in October 2007. This edition looks different and is easier to use. The changes were guided by an in-depth local review and built on developments in the UK and Canada.

The changes include: 

  • updated information, look and feel
  • streamlined programme: reduced to best-used elements and reshaped to lead on to individual research and career exploration as a next step expanded range of jobs
  • re-organised Facilitator's Kit with more information to help teachers customise the programme for their students.

The kit includes an A4 Black & White 'Who Am I?' worksheet for students. You can download an A3 colour version of this below. 

New digital spin wheel

This application is an alternative to the OHP spin wheel transparency provided in The Real Game kit. 

To use this application you need: 

  • software to uncompress the downloaded folder
  • Adobe Flash Player, version 8 or later 
  • internet browser 
  • to keep the .html and .swf files together in the same folder 
  • to double-click the .html file to open the application.

There is a PC and a Mac version in the folder you download below.

Please note that this application is not a complete game. To use the Spin Game activity you also require the question cards provided in The Real Game kit.

Distribution and pricing

The Real Game Facilitator’s Kit can be purchased for $245.33 (includes gst and delivery). State and integrated secondary schools can request one free copy of The Real Game Facilitator's Kit. Schools are also entitled to free replacement copies of 2002 editions that they purchased.

Downloadable components

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