Who earns what?

Find out which jobs and industries in New Zealand are paying the most money, and how qualifications relate to earnings.

What are the highest and lowest-paying jobs?

A man sitting at desk typing on a computer keyboard

Many of the highest-paying jobs are in information technology

Median income

The median income from wages and salaries across all jobs in June 2014 was about $45,000 a year (or $865 a week) before tax, according to a Statistics New Zealand income survey. This includes full and part-time jobs. The full-time median income was about $51,000 ($989 a week).

Highest-paying jobs

Of the jobs advertised on Trade Me in 2014, the following ones had the highest median salaries:

Lowest-paying jobs

Of the jobs advertised on Trade Me in 2014, the following ones had the lowest median salaries:

Source: Trade Me, 'Jobs Salary Guide', June 2014.

What are the highest and lowest-paying industries?

A forklift lowering a shipping container onto the back of a truck

People working in transport and logistics are among the lowest paid workers

Highest-paying industries

  • Consultancy and strategy
  • Information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Engineering
  • Real estate and property
  • Banking and financial services.

Lowest-paying industries

  • Manufacturing and operations
  • Administration and office support
  • Retail sales
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Call centre and customer service
  • Transport and logistics.

Sources: Trade Me, 'Salary Survey', June 2014.

What impact do qualifications have on earnings?

Your level of education has been proven to have a big effect on how much you can earn. Generally, the higher your qualification, the more you will earn.

Updated 3 Aug 2015