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Customs/Freight BrokerAlternative titles

Kaiwhakawhiti Taupare/Utanga

This job is sometimes referred to as:

Customs Broker

Customs/freight brokers arrange the clearance and collection of imported cargo from customs and bond stores, and the shipment of cargo for export.

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Entry requirements

Freight broker

There are no specific entry requirements to become a freight broker. However, most employers prefer candidates who have a qualification recognised by Tranzqual, such as a National Certificate in Distribution.

Customs broker

To operate as a customs broker you need to be able to lodge documentation with New Zealand Customs, which requires a New Zealand Customs Unique User Identifier (UUI), commonly known as a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

To gain PIN accreditation, you need to achieve at least an 80% pass in three exams run by the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand (CBAFF). The CBAFF run three courses to prepare applicants for the exams.

Secondary education

NCEA Level 1 English and maths are preferred for customs/freight brokers, as spelling and the ability to make calculations are an important part of the job.

It is recommended that applicants to CBAFF courses have NCEA Level 3 English and maths qualifications.

Personal requirements

Customs/freight brokers need to be:

  •       accurate and well organised
  •       inquiring and willing to learn while they are working
  •       able to work well under pressure and make decisions quickly
  •       good communicators and able to gain people's trust and keep information private.

Useful experience

Useful experience for customs/freight brokers includes:

  •       working for a shipping line or importer/exporter
  •       work in customs
  •       courier work
  •       office or accounts work
  •       warehouse and stores work.

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Karen Kelland writing notes while stopped in her car

Most employers prefer candidates who have a qualification recognised by Tranzqual

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Previous experience in the shipping industry can be useful

Updated 14 Jan 2015