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Data Entry Operator/TranscriptionistAlternative titles

Kaiwhakauru Raraunga/Kaipatopato Kōrero

This job is sometimes referred to as:

Keyboard Operator
Dictaphone Typist
Medical Typist
Court Reporter

Data entry operators/transcriptionists transcribe and copy information that is spoken or written.

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Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to become a data entry operator/transcriptionist. However, you will need good accuracy and speed when typing.

Secondary education

At least NCEA Level 2 is recommended.

Additional requirements for specialist roles:

Court reporters need high typing speeds

To become a court reporter with the Ministry of Justice, you need to have an accurate typing speed of at least 70 words a minute and excellent English language comprehension.

Requirements for medical typists

Medical typists need experience or interest in medical work, or a specific qualification in medical transcription.

Personal requirements

Data entry operators/transcriptionists need to be:

  • good at listening
  • accurate
  • reliable, efficient and focused
  • able to keep information confidential
  • able to work well under pressure.

Court reporters also need to be able to cope with working with information from trials which may be unpleasant to hear.

Useful experience

Experience in computer work or word processing is useful for data entry operators/transcriptionists.

Court reporters need to know relevant technical and legal terminology and previous work in a legal office may be useful.

Physical requirements

If data entry operators/transcriptionists are typing from sound recordings, they need excellent hearing. 

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A court reporter sitting at a desk reading a document, with another person standing beside to them

Typists and data entry operators need to maintain a high level of accuracy in their work

Updated 8 Jan 2015