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Data Entry Operator/TranscriptionistAlternative titles

Kaiwhakauru Raraunga/Kaipatopato Kōrero

This job is sometimes referred to as:

Keyboard Operator
Dictaphone Typist
Medical Typist
Court Reporter

Data entry operators/transcriptionists transcribe and copy information that is spoken or written.

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What are the chances of getting a job?


Job opportunities for data entry operators/transcriptionists are average due to declining demand for their services, but relatively high worker turnover creating regular openings.

The number of data entry operators/transcriptionists declined by about 40% between 2010 and 2012, according to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment estimates.

The decline is because increased use of automated data entry and voice recognition software has reduced the need for people in the role.

However, even though the number of workers is down, positions still regularly become available as people often do not stay in the job for long.

Varied employers of data entry operators and transcriptionists 

Data entry operators/transcriptionists may work for:

  • banks
  • government departments
  • private businesses
  • courts
  • hospitals and private medical practices.


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Progression and specialisations

Data entry operators/transcriptionist can progress to working as a personal or executive assistant.

Data entry operators/transcriptionists can specialise as a:

Court Reporter
Court reporters take down verbatim (word for word) all the evidence, comments and decisions made in court hearings, during the court proceedings or after they have been held.
Medical Typist
Medical typists transcribe medical information, or type from dictations by health professionals, edit and check the content to make sure it is accurate.

How many people are doing this job?

Year 2012
Year 2011
Year 2010
Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, '2003-2012 Occupation Data' (prepared for Careers New Zealand), 2012.

A court reporter sitting at a desk typing

Court reporters often need to type 'verbatim' - word for word

Updated 8 Jan 2015