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Automotive TechnicianAlternative titles

Kaihangarau Pūkaha Waka

This job is sometimes referred to as:

Light Vehicle Technician
Motor Mechanic
Motorcycle Technician
Heavy Vehicle Technician
Diesel Mechanic
Car Mechanic

Automotive technicians service and repair vehicles and their parts and systems.

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Automotive technicians with less than two years’ experience usually earn
per hour
Automotive technicians with two or more years’ experience usually earn
per hour

How many people are doing this job?

Year 2012
Year 2011
Year 2010
Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, '2003-2012 Occupation Data' (prepared for Careers New Zealand), 2012.

Job opportunities


Chances of getting a job as an automotive technician are good due to strong demand for automotive services.

How to get into this job

See 'How to enter the job'

Useful school subjects


Workshop Technology

This job page includes information about:

Light Vehicle Technician

Heavy Vehicle Techician

Motorcycle Technician

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Philip Jopson looking under the hood of a car

An automotive technician working on a car

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Updated 19 Dec 2014