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Automotive industry

Kaimahi Hiko a-Waka

Automotive jobs may be for you if you are interested in:

  • vehicles, vehicle parts, engines, and electrical systems
  • working with tools, machinery and equipment
  • problem solving, diagnosing faults, and finding out how things work
  • repairing and maintaining things
  • sales and customer service.

Contact us

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Types of Jobs

No qualifications to Trade Certificate Job opportunities 
Automotive Electrician Good
Automotive Technician Good
Motor Vehicle Salesperson Average
Collision Repair Technician Average
Tyre Technician Average
Coachbuilder/Trimmer Average
Industrial Spray Painter Average
Vehicle Groomer/Cleaner Good
Automotive Refinisher Average

If you like these jobs you may also like jobs in:

An automotive electrician inspects readings from a fire engine.

Automotive electricians are in strong demand

An automotive mechanic inspecting under the bonnet of a car.

Servicing and repairing vehicles are common tasks in automotive jobs

Updated 20 Nov 2012