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Nanny/Child Carer

Kaitiaki Tamariki

Nannies/child carers are responsible for the care, well-being and education of infants, toddlers and children in the home.

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Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for becoming a nanny/child carer, but many employers prefer you to have a driver's licence and a relevant tertiary qualification, such as a Level 3 or 5 Certificate in Nanny Education.

Secondary education

To enter a nanny/child care education programme you need to complete four years of secondary education. Subjects such as child development and physical education and health are useful. Doing a Gateway programme (a structured workplace learning programme for senior secondary students) in an early childhood setting is also useful.

Personal requirements

Nannies/child carers need to be:

  • organised and responsible
  • good at solving problems
  • skilled at communicating and listening
  • creative
  • motivated and patient
  • firm, fair and consistent
  • able to carry out general housekeeping duties.
Leanna Miratana
"When you're dealing with children you need to have very clear communication skills because they're learning everything you say to them. You also need these skills to work with the whole family."

Leanna Miratana - Nanny

Useful experience

Useful experience for nannies/child carers includes:

  • work with children, such as babysitting
  • nursing work.

Physical requirements

Nannies/child carers need to be reasonably fit and healthy, as the job may involve some lifting and energetic play with young children.

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Nanny Education Organisation of New Zealand (NEONZ)
03 9833 761 - j.walker@rangiruru.ac.nz - www.nanny.org.nz/
Louise Carr-Smith looking at books of photos with two children

Nannies/child carers need to be skilled at communicating and listening

Updated 11 Mar 2014