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Clinical CoderAlternative titles

Kaiwhakararangi Tohu Hauora

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Clinical coders analyse information about diseases, injuries and procedures in patient discharge records and translate them into health classification codes. This information is used to help write policy, monitor performance and produce health statistics.

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What are the chances of getting a job?


Chances of getting work as a clinical coder are average due to it being a small occupation with relatively stable worker numbers.

About 300 clinical coders are employed in New Zealand, according to the Ministry of Health. Job numbers have grown slightly in recent years, and some district health boards, which oversee public hospitals, are in the process of creating new positions.

Growing hospital admissions and reporting requirements increase demand

Though job numbers are not expected to increase greatly in the next few years, clinical coders will always be needed. Hospital admissions are increasing every year, and clinical coders are needed to code the related increase in discharge records. Hospital admissions are expected to keep rising as government funding for elective surgical services grows.

Trained coders more likely to find work

There is ongoing demand for qualified clinical coders in large public hospitals. The knowledge required for the job and the amount of time it takes to train new coders, means many employers prefer to hire people who have completed clinical coding training.

Public hospitals the main employer of clinical coders

Most clinical coders work at public hospitals. Most positions are at large hospitals, as smaller hospitals may only employ one clinical coder, and that person may only work part time.

Clinical coders can also work for the Ministry of Health or private health care providers.


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Progression and specialisations

Clinical coders can progress within hospitals to become auditors, data analysts, clinical coding team leaders, or clinical records and/or coding managers.

How many people are doing this job?

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A clinical coder looking at a computer screen.

Most clinical coders work at public hospitals

Updated 15 Oct 2013