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Transport and Logistics industry

Waka Kawe me te Whāngaitanga

Transport and logistics may be for you if you are interested in:

  • operating vehicles such as ships, trains or aeroplanes
  • customer service
  • servicing, maintaining and operating specialised equipment 
  • using planning and decision-making skills, and following schedules or plans
  • arranging the purchase, sale, storage and transportation of goods.

Contact us

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Types of Jobs

No qualifications to Trade Certificate Job opportunities 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Average
Aircraft Loader Average
Aircraft Refueller Poor
Bus Driver Good
Check-in Agent Average
Courier/Postie Average
Deckhand Average
Delivery Driver Average
Driving Instructor Average
Marine Engineer Good
Flight Attendant Average
Forklift Operator Good
Furniture Packer/Mover Good
Heavy Truck Driver Average
Importer/Exporter Average
Mail Sorter Average
Railway Shunter Average
Ship's Officer Good
Ship's Master Good
Stevedore Average
Storeperson Good
Taxi Driver/Chauffeur Average
Tow Truck Operator Average
Train Conductor Average
Train Controller Poor
Train Driver Good
Diploma Job opportunities 
Aeroplane Pilot Good
Air Traffic Controller Poor
Flying Instructor Average
Helicopter Pilot Poor
Degree Job opportunities 
Purchasing/Supply Officer Average
Procurement Manager Good

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A freight train in a railyard

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Updated 28 Jan 2013