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Get career ideas

Research can help you explore career options, find a suitable study or training course, apply for a particular job, or find an employer that’s right for you.

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Call us on 0800 222 733

How to get ideas for your career
Unsure about your career options? Need inspiration? Find out how to come up with some job possibilities that you can explore further.
Find out more about the jobs you like
Once you have some ideas about jobs that you might like to do, you'll need to find out more about them, so that you can make an informed choice about what career you want to pursue.
Learn more about your training options
Where to go to find out more about the study and training options available to you.
How voluntary work can help you make career decisions
By becoming a volunteer, not only can you help your community but you can help yourself in the process. Volunteering can help you learn new skills and open your eyes to new career options.
Common career myths
Think the only way to get a good job is to go to university? Or are you stuck in a job you don't like because you feel you've made a decision and have to stick with it? Many people hold beliefs about jobs and careers that are holding them back. Career consultant Pat Cody reveals the truths behind some career myths.
Types of work arrangement and hours
In today’s workplace, there are a variety of different working arrangements. Find out about the different ways of working, and how more flexible working arrangements make it easier for you to find the right fit between the demands of your career and your lifestyle.

Updated 18 Feb 2011