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Helping young people make decisions

Though it may not always seem like it, your child values your advice, support and guidance. Find out how you can help them make important decisions, and how to talk to them about careers and their future.

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Helping with subject, study or training decisions
As teenagers finish their schooling and prepare to enter the workforce, study or training, they'll face some big decisions. Learn about what they will have to make decisions about, and how you can help and support them.
When to talk careers with your kids
Being responsible for guiding your child towards their future career can feel overwhelming - and can also be frustrating when your child does not listen to you or take your advice. But picking a time when you and your child are both relaxed or doing other things can help you make inroads.
What help should schools provide with careers?
Information about what schools are required to do regarding careers education, and who can help and support students.
Get involved in career events and the school
Being involved with what is happening at your child’s school can help you support your child with their career decision making.
What if my child wants to do what I do?
A recent survey by the University of New South Wales in Australia found that students are more likely to select a career similar to their father or mother’s occupation. But sometimes it's hard to know what to tell your child about whether or not they should follow in your footsteps.
What things influence a young person's career decisions?
Many things will influence a teenager’s career decisions. Sometimes a game they played when they were young or a character on a television show can spark a lifelong interest in a job. Find out who and what can influence a young person's decisions.
Role of the parent
Many recent international studies have shown that parents and caregivers are the single biggest influence on a young person’s career decisions. Learn more about how you have an influence, and how you can use that to help young people make good choices about careers.

Updated 18 Feb 2011