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National Certificate in Agriculture (General Skills) from Primary Industry Training Organisation

Contact info

Phone: 0800 691 111

Entry requirements

Check with provider.

Common Questions

Subject area:
Agriculture not elsewhere classified
National Certificate Level 2
Credits gained on completion of this course:

What can I learn during this qualification?

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What can I expect out of this qualification?

The National Certificate in Agriculture (General Skills) [Ref: 1468] is a qualification with an emphasis on the general skills essential for people already working in the agriculture industry that aren't directly related to core livestock or arable farming. This qualification shares a number of standards in common with the National Certificate in Farming Skills (Work Ready) [Ref: 1509] and the National Certificate in Agriculture (Introductory Skills) [Ref: 1433]. However, those qualifications are designed for people who will complete training prior to employment in the agriculture industry, who are either school leavers or new to training, and have yet to choose a specialisation in the agriculture sector.

The compulsory section includes the skills and knowledge associated with hazard identification and control in a rural workplace.

The elective section recognises a wide range of skills relevant to working in the agriculture industry that are not specific to livestock handling or arable farming. People may choose standards relevant to their specific work situation or the wider agricultural sector such as the use of agricultural vehicles, basic fencing, personal and workplace safety, the use of chainsaws, the use of agrichemicals, tree felling and the use of orchard machinery, and first aid.

People undertaking this qualification may be working in a variety of agricultural sectors, and therefore the inclusion of generic farming standards recognises practical skills for both livestock and arable farming, and provides the context in which assessment takes place on-farm.

On successful completion of the qualification candidates may progress to the following Primary Industry Training Organisation qualifications depending on the sector in which they are employed:
. National Certificate in Agriculture (Level 2) with strands in Cattle Farming, Dairy Farming, Deer Farming, and Sheep Farming [Ref: 1434];
. National Certificate in Agriculture (Animal Feeding and Pastures) (Level 3) [Ref: 1435];
. National Certificate in Agriculture (Cattle Breeding) (Level 3) with strands in Beef Cattle Farming, and Dairy Cattle Farming [Ref: 1436];
. National Certificate in Agriculture (Stockmanship) (Level 3) [Ref: 1437];
. National Certificate in Agriculture (Animal Health and Husbandry) (Level 3) with strands in Cattle Farming, and Sheep Farming [Ref: 1438];
. National Certificate in Arable Farming (Level 3) [Ref: 1439];
. National Certificate in Dairy Farming (Milking) (Level 3) [Ref: 1440];
. National Certificate in Dairy Farming (Animal Health and Husbandry) (Level 3) [Ref: 1441];
. National Certificate in Deer Farming (Level 3) [Ref: 1442];
. National Certificate in Sheep Farming (Sheep Breeding) (Level 3) [Ref: 1443].

The National Certificate in Agriculture (General Skills) [Ref: 1468] is designed to complement the land-based qualifications above and may be completed concurrently with them.

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Primary Industry Training Organisation training provider details

Main Campus Office

Free phone: 0800 691 111    Phone: 0800 20 80 20    Fax: (04) 801 9626    Email: educationteam@primaryito.ac.nz    Web: http://www.primaryito.ac.nz

Other locations


Level 2, ITO House
180-188 Taranaki Street

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Source: New Zealand Qualifications Authority (www.nzqa.govt.nz)