Career development benchmarks inspiring good practice

Teaching careers in the classroom

Careers New Zealand’s suite of career development benchmarks aspire to improve the quality and consistency of career development nationally, and provide a common understanding in the education sector of effective career development practice to support successful student transitions. They support a school- and tertiary organisation-wide approach and are a key self-review tool to assess and improve career development programmes and services.

Career development helps students link ideas about self-awareness, preparation, exploration and decision making to different situations. This supports them to develop their career management competencies to successfully transition through their learning and work lives.

Recently, the suite of career development benchmarks was refreshed. The three documents for Year 7 and 8, secondary and tertiary are now aligned, with standardised layout and consistent wording. The dimensions, research and effective practice that informs the suite of benchmarks remain the same. 

Aligning the benchmarks with the Practising Teacher Criteria

An exciting new development sees Careers New Zealand and the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand working together to align the benchmarks with the Practising Teacher Criteria (PTC) to support quality teaching.

The alignment between the benchmarks and the PTC will help teaching, career and transition staff demonstrate how their career development practice could possibly meet the PTC.

Read and listen to examples on the Education Council website to see how your career development practice can contribute to your appraisal and the renewal of your practising certificate (the examples are linked to the PTC). 

Want to know more?

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