Have you got more than one career path in mind?

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Can’t decide what you want to do? What if you don't have to choose just one career?

Having more than one career or job at a time is known as a portfolio career. Many people have successful portfolio careers in surprisingly different fields – like David Pene, a successful choreographer, dancer and entertainer who also works as a software developer at Xero.

Is a portfolio career what you want? 

Do you have more than one interest or skill that you'd like to take further? Here are some steps to work through before setting off on a portfolio career path:

  1. Realise. Figure out what you like about your interests and passions, and what you're good at. Do you love doing your hobby as a way to wind down after school or work? Or do you enjoy how it makes your brain work? If it's more than just a way to relax or distract yourself, it could be a good career option.
  2. Research. Find people who are excelling in the areas you’re interested in – how did they become successful? Talk to the gurus – you can check out people on LinkedIn who are doing what you want to do and ask them about it. People are happy to help, and you could start building contacts and a network. Watch Oompher videos on how others have found success. Can you see yourself doing something similar?
  3. Decide. Make a decision about whether you want to pursue two interests as careers – even if they are as different from each other as astronomy and fashion – or whether to pursue one and keep the other as a hobby.

Now you’re ready to take action!

If a portfolio career is right for you there are more things to figure out, such as:

  1. Location. Where do you need to live so that you can do more than one job? Will you need private transport to move between two workplaces, or is there public transport? Do you need to be able to work from home, or rent your own work space?
  2. Time management. You will need to master managing your time. Arriving on time to multiple workplaces as well as organising your day to get everything done is essential to maintaining your sanity and not letting anyone down. Combining two jobs can feel like you’re doing more than one full-time job’s workload, even if the hours are the same as full-time work.
  3. Hauora (well-being). It's important to take control of your well-being and make sure you have time for what matters to you. As well as pursuing two careers, you need to factor in space for yourself and make time to spend with family and friends. Your health and overall happiness can depend on keeping the balance and strength of the four pillars of your hauora.

Check out David Pene’s Oompher video for inspiration about pursuing all of your dreams, even if they’re wildly different!

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