Lost your job? Part of the “Great Resignation”? Here's help.

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Get help if you’ve lost your job or want a change.

Have you lost your job during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Or are you one of millions world-wide planning to resign soon and look for a better future?

Either way, we can help. 

Help is available if you’ve lost your job

Career planning and job hunting advice

If you lost your job due to COVID-19 - or another reason - you can get free advice from a professional career expert. They can help you:

  • make a personalised career plan
  • gain confidence
  • find work or training.

Fees Free study and training

If you’re doing tertiary study or training for the first time, you may be eligible for the equivalent of one year's study to two years’ training, paid through the Fees Free initiative.

Are you part of the “Great Resignation”?

COVID-19 is changing how, where, when, and what work is done. Now, across the world and in New Zealand, millions of people are planning to leave their jobs.

This world-wide trend is being called the “Great Resignation”, and includes people who:

  • are burned out in their current role
  • want more meaningful work or a role that fits their lifestyle better
  • want better pay and conditions
  • see good job opportunities available now.

If you’re considering leaving your current role, use our free tools and advice to help you find a job that meets your needs.

Don’t know what job you would like to do?

Start with CareerQuest - a fun and easy way to explore job ideas and get suggestions about roles that suit your interests.

Found a job you want to apply for?

Use our free CV Builder to make a CV based on what employers say they look for. Our CV Builder has tips and help throughout.
Then, find out how to take the next step and shine in an interview.

Want to study or train for the first time? 

Find out if Fees Free could make costs lower for you.

Like your employer but want a change or a challenge?

Remember you can also talk to your current employer about how you’re feeling. They may be able to support you into a new role within your organisation.

Interested in working for yourself?

Find out more about what’s involved in working for yourself, and what help is available.

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Updated 23 Dec 2022