Right subject choice key to career opportunities

A teacher talks to two students at a computer desk in a library

With so many careers on offer, it’s easy to understand how young people get lost making decisions about the world of work. Careers exist that the world hadn’t even thought of five years ago.

Subject choice options vary from career to career. Where future doctors may need to focus on science and biology subjects, a student interested in tourism might focus on English and maths.

As a teacher, parent or whānau, you can help guide young people towards the right subjects to open up career opportunities.

Supporting positive career choices

You may initiate a career discussion with your young person, or it could start with them saying “I don’t know what to study”, or “I need help choosing my subjects”. The three simple steps below will help you guide a career discussion.

Step 1: Check current status

Ask your young person:

Step 2: Explore subject choices

When exploring subject choices with your young person, remember to discuss the following points:

Step 3: Create a subject choice action plan

An action plan will help a young person outline clear goals to study the right subjects for the right careers.

  • Help them come up with a plan for how they can most effectively use their time and effort and on what subjects.
  • Make sure they know what credits and levels of achievement they need to get into their chosen course.
  • Check with them to make sure they understand what support options their school offers. For example, would an extra half-year or summer study help them academically?

Need more help?

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