Tips and tools to help your teen decide where to next after school

where to next

The end of the final year at school can be a stressful time. Your teen will be focusing on exams and assessments. They’ll also be thinking about what they want to do when they leave school. Will they go straight into work, go to university, do a trade or take a gap year?

We’re here for you.

We understand that as a parent you want to support and guide your teen through this stage of their lives as best you can. We’ve put together a dedicated resource hub where you can find all sorts of tips, tools and advice to use and share with your teen during this exciting and formative time in their life.

What you’ll find in our resource hub

1. Choosing a career path – align interests, strengths and job opportunities

 2. Exploring the options after school – university, a trade, a gap year or work?

 3. How to make it happen – planning for success

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