Tips to help you deal with job hunt rejection

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If you were interviewed but didn't get the job, don’t be hard on yourself. It may just be that the job went to a candidate who had more skills or experience.

We’ve put together the ultimate job guide to help you find new job success. In it you’ll find lots of useful information, like these tips on how to prepare for, and review, the interview process.

Questions to ask yourself if you didn’t get the job

  1. Did you have trouble answering any of the questions?
  2. Had you done enough research about the employer before the interview?
  3. Had you prepared questions to ask the employer during the interview?
  4. Did you dress appropriately for the position – were you well groomed?
  5. Were you friendly and confident when answering questions?

If you didn't do as well as you’d liked in some of these areas, list down the things to improve for next time.

For example, if you had trouble answering some interview questions, prepare answers to the questions you found difficult. Try to think of examples to back up your response.

Not landing any interviews?

If you’re sending out CVs left, right and centre but not getting any bites, you may need to review a few things:

  1. Be honest with yourself. Do you have the right skills and qualifications for the jobs you're applying for? You may need to revise your job goals, or do more training to get where you want to go.
  2. Did you tailor your CV and cover letter so that they related to the specific job requirements listed for every job ad you responded to?
  3. Did you present your CV, cover letter and job application well? Was the information well-formatted, the spelling correct and did you clearly display your skills and knowledge?

For more inspiration download our free job hunters' guide. It's packed with tips and advice on how to help you stand out in today's competitive job market.

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