Why work experience is so important

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Students can no longer rely on their qualification alone to get them a job when they graduate. Employers have a large talent pool to choose from when it comes to graduates – over 160,000 entered the workforce last year. They are looking for new candidates who stand out, and work experience is what places students ahead of the pack. 

Employment after graduation

Work experience puts students on an employer’s radar. In a survey of 1,000 employers by MYOB, 44% said qualifications were not doing enough to get students ready for the workforce – they need experience. Signing up with Student Job Search (SJS) means students can get essential real-world experience throughout their university years.

Bridget Acton, university graduate and member of the SJS team says, "It’s easy to register with Student Job Search – it takes just one form and a phone call and you’re signed up to start applying for jobs immediately. From there our contact centre can give you tips on how to write your CV and up-to-the minute advice on what employers want. With your job you can learn skills relevant to your future career, get work experience on your CV, and get referees for when you’re looking for work when you graduate."

Part-time jobs can make all the difference when it comes to applying for graduate positions. Jessie Lightfoot found herself a graduate role after getting a job through SJS while studying for her diploma in veterinary nursing.

My part-time job as a sales representative for a pet food company helped me get a job at an amazing brand new veterinary clinic in my hometown!

Jesse Lightfoot, veterinary nurse

Explore your career

Work experience is crucial as a student and prepares you for the range of jobs you may experience in your career. “While you’re studying, it’s a perfect time to jump around jobs, test them, and try them to find out what you really like to do and what you’re interested in,” says Bridget Acton.

With SJS, students have the option of working in casual jobs where they can learn more about themselves and explore their career options.

It’s a good way to maybe try jobs you wouldn’t have thought of normally and gain a variety of skills that will look good on your CV, while still having a lot of freedom in your career choice.

Bridget Acton, Student Job Search

Experience the world of work

When it comes to hiring, employers are aware that students need to fit in time to study around their work hours. A SJS job gives students the perfect opportunity to make the most of university while gaining valuable work experience. Students also develop employability skills such as communication and negotiation as they have to work with employers to find ways to fit their job in between class times, study and exams.

The good thing about this job is they work around us with the work schedule and with uni.

Joe, a university student working part time at Handy Rentals.

Get registered

When signing up for SJS, you know you’re not competing with a mass of job seekers with many years of work experience. And you can access Student Job Search for up to one year after you’ve graduated.

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