Adam Goldwater's scholarship story

Desire for scholarships kept Adam Goldwater focused on study

When Adam Goldwater went to university to study horticulture, he got extra incentive to work hard by winning two scholarships in his first year of a Bachelor of Applied Science.

“I found out about the scholarships at a careers evening at school. There was a Massey liaison person there, who mentioned that there were quite a few scholarships available for horticulture, so I had a look on the Massey website. I applied, and I got the Zespri one in my first year, and a Horticulture New Zealand one.”

He won three more scholarships the next year, and found he was on a roll. “During my degree they were quite a good incentive to try and get good marks so I could get more next year.

“I didn’t have a part-time job during my degree, only during the summer. I figured that if I spent the time trying to get good marks to get scholarships, what was the point in working?”

That kind of thinking has paid off for Adam, as the scholarships have been a great help with his finances. “Coming to uni, you have to pay quite high fees, but it means you can come out pretty much debt-free if you work hard and keep getting scholarships.”

A bonus of the Horticulture New Zealand scholarship was that Adam got to go to the annual horticulture conference. “I wanted to go to meet lots of the people in the industry and to start making some contacts and talk about what sort of jobs are out there."

When Adam returned to university to do Honours, he had more scholarships to help him toward his long-term goal of working in kiwifruit production. In the meantime though, he has other plans. "I'm going to take a year off, travelling, and then I'll have to decide what I want to do."

Updated 26 Jul 2016