Still at school?

Get help to choose the right NCEA subjects for your future study, training or work.

How to choose school subjects

This guide will help you choose which subjects to take in your next school year.

How to understand NCEA

Not sure how NCEA works? Find out what NCEA is and how credits add up to qualifications.

Combine NCEA and tertiary or trade study

Discover the many ways you can combine tertiary, trade and NCEA studies, and get work experience – whether you're still at secondary school or have already left. Options include STAR, Gateway, trades and service academies, Youth Guarantee Fund programmes and Flexible Partnerships (SAC 3+2).

Vocational Pathways

Find out what vocational pathways is and how it can help you to see the connection between what you are studying at NCEA Level 2 (or equivalent) and what your future study and work options might be.

Updated 19 Feb 2019