Study and training options

Get help to choose the right study and training options for you.

What are your options?

You can earn a qualification in several different ways, and from many different types of education providers. Learn more about your options.

What qualifications are available?

Find out what qualifications are available, and how these fit in the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. You can also learn more about the National Certificate of Educational Achievement, or NCEA, New Zealand's main national qualification for secondary school students.

Want to study but not sure what to do?

You may be leaning toward tertiary study, but before investing your time and money, work through all your considerations to make sure it’s what you really want to do.

NCEA credits needed for on-the-job training and the Defence Force

Find out what NCEA credits you need to get into on-the-job training, police and firefighter training, and the Defence Force.

Study and training opportunities once you are working

How you can earn and learn at the same time with workplace training.

Training or retraining for adults

Study options and what you need to consider before choosing a course as an adult student.

Bridging and foundation courses

If you are thinking about doing a polytechnic or university course but don’t have enough NCEA credits, you could consider doing a bridging or foundation course.

Updated 8 Jan 2019