Workplace training and apprenticeships

Find out how to earn money while you learn through workplace training and apprenticeships.

Pre-trade training

How pre-trade training prepares you for an apprenticeship and working in a trade.

What is workplace training?

Workplace training, also known as trade or industry training, involves learning and earning money while you work. Apprenticeships are one type of workplace training. You can do workplace training in a range of hands-on industries.

New Zealand Apprenticeships

Find out about workplace training under the New Zealand Apprenticeships scheme.

Workplace and industry training contacts

Find out which industry training organisation (ITO) can help if you are interested in doing workplace training or securing a New Zealand Apprenticeship.

Recognition of current competence

The recognition of current competence (RCC) process involves recognising a person’s existing knowledge and skills and assessing them against nationally recognised unit standards.

Updated 20 Dec 2018