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Voiceover: New Zealand has the perfect apple-growing environment, but it's our people that are our greatest treasure.

They're a diverse and talented bunch. Our apple growers, our scientists, our orchard and packhouse workers, our food safety technicians, our distribution and marketing experts, and our technology innovators.

Together they're helping New Zealand Apples and Pears lead the world. And individually they're living great lives with great careers full of opportunities to upskill in new areas, travel the world and cultivate their careers.

Every year hundreds of young Kiwis from almost every background join the apple industries for rewarding careers, taking the first step on their journey of professional development.

You can join us straight from school and work your way up through the orchard management and packhouse system, or you can join us from university after studing science, horticulture, commerce or marketing.

Whatever your qualifcation, whatever your ambition, the New Zealand apple and pear industry sees your potential. It's more than a job - it's a career where you can grow great.