From degree to the farm

James Luo: I'm a farm assistant at DairyNZ. I'm involved with daily operations like cow chasing, milking, drenching, fencing; all that.

I'm interested in farming because farming involves a lot of things. Including animals, soils, pastures, financial skills, and it's very diverse.

Because I can't see myself just like sitting in front of a computer or in the factory or like doing the same thing every day.

It's... I like to see myself doing different things. I come from an eight-million people city. In China the city is always surrounded by rural. But in China, the distance between rural and urban is even bigger.

Like, when I was in primary school, I was playing a game on the Gameboy. It's called Harvest Moon. The main character wakes up at six o'clock every day and starts farming. And he's got a cow shed and chicken barn, and a piece of land.

It was quite fascinating to me. And when I came to New Zealand, I was very confused with what I am going to do for my career. And I travelled around New Zealand, the North Island seeing those farms. Beautiful things. And it reminded me of the game I played. So I thought, that's why I came here. That's how I got into dairy farming. I changed all my papers to focus on an agriculture degree. I started with calculus which is not really related with farming.

Like, I've just started my job and I think I still have lot to learn. Definitely I want to progress by working on the farm and accumulating my experience.

I definitely can step up in farm professions as well.