Transcript - What to include in a CV and how to write it

Matt: See this person here? Every time you go for a job there’ll be someone looking over your CV.

Having a good CV gives you a greater chance to get to the interview side of things.

And I’m here to help you make your CV as good as it can be.

When you first start out with your CV, begin with your personal details: your name, your address, things like that. Then you can list your skills and achievements, any work you’ve done and your education.

Student: How about me babysitting my nieces and nephews?

Matt: Yeah, that’s perfect. Make sure you do a spell check – no ‘lols’ and no text language!

See your CV is just like your clothes – just like you change outfits for different occasions, you need to be able to write different things on your CV depending on what job you’re applying for, especially when it comes to your skills.

Student: So, like, letting a café owner know I already know how to make coffee?

Exactly! That’s a great one!

Check out this ad for a job at a clothes shop! They’re looking for someone with previous experience dealing with people and someone with a positive attitude.

Student: Nice, but I haven’t had a job like that before.

Matt: That’s ok. Even if you’ve never had a job like this before, you still have skills the employer is looking for.

Student: It still looks a bit messy.

Matt: No worries, once you’ve got everything down the team here at Careers New Zealand have got an awesome online tool to make it all look great for you.

It pays to get someone to look over your CV before you send it out as well – a parent or teacher can be helpful.

Student: Oh hi Mr Johnson!

Mr Johnson: Hey.

Student: Can you please look over this for me?

Mr Johnson: Sure. Looks good.

Student: Awesome.

Matt: You got your CV and your cover letter with you? ‘Cos your cover letter is your chance to tell the employer why you think you’re the best person for a particular job. And also why you’re interested in the role you’re applying for. It encourages the employer to read over your CV.

Student: Yup, got it right here.

Matt: Awesome!


Updated 9 Jun 2017