Transcript – Sonny Ngatai's career change

Sonny Ngatai's career change

Johnson Raela: Kia Ora. Today, we are having a chat to television presenter Sonny Ngatai.

Sonny: When I first thought of presenters I thought that they get given their lines to do, then they sit on a couch, the famous person walks in, they read their lines, they have a good conversation and then that’s it…

Johnson: Oh some still do that!

Sonny: But there’s actually a lot of work that actually goes on behind, like you have to learn your scripts, you have to – when you research someone – you have to really understand them before you even meet them, you have to almost know them better than they know themselves.

When I was about to leave school I wanted to be a doctor. Being a doctor was my biggest dream. So then I did everything, I signed up, I got everything all planned out and then I went to university, did my first year and I hated it! Like absolutely did not enjoy it. In between that, I had shoots for the web-show, and every time I would get any message from Vicki about "oh can you write us this", or "we have a shoot coming up, are you available?" or anything like that, it would just give me the biggest smile on my face! And I knew from there that being a doctor just wasn’t for me.

If I’m to look at this as a spectrum, the biggest highlight of my life so far would be, being able to make that decision and have the opportunity to be on a TV show.

Kia Ora, here are my five tips to becoming a TV presenter!

Tip number one: copy other presenters.

Tip number two: if you’re serious about being a presenter, make a show reel or an audition tape.

Tip number three: take every opportunity. Every opportunity that comes knocking on your door, take it and don’t be afraid.

Tip number four: manners! Always be nice! No one likes a stink guy.

Tip number five: get a CV and send it out. Employees love keen beans.

Updated 7 Nov 2016