Transcript: Hamish Pinkham talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Hamish Pinkham, founder of Rhythm and Vines – Wise Words highlights

Hamish: I think we pretty much had some lofty visions from the start. I remember the first year we ran the concert we said our dream line up would be Ben Harper, Groove Armada, the Black Eyed Peas…

Jake: Is it important for business owners and entrepreneurs to have their goals set out?

Hamish: I think so yeah, goals and vision and the mission statement. I think one thing we found really important when we kicked off was you know, writing a vision.

Jake: What have you been doing to keep R and V cool?

Hamish: I think the bones of the idea still ring true, so we’ve kept some things the same. We think it’s a pretty unbeatable recipe, the Rhythm and Vines festival – we’ve got a world class venue, we’ve got all the aspects of Gisborne from the sunshine to the beaches, to the road trip.

But what we do do each year is give it a fresh spin through the programme; you know we want to book cutting edge acts, follow new trends from hip hop through to trap music; it’s popular today and also with our marketing as well we’ve also been not scared to try new things through social media and utilising our media partners.

Jake: A lot of university students have great ideas for starting businesses, would you say just go and do it?

Hamish: I think one big thing you’ve got on your hands is time. You’ll find when you hit the workforce or the real world post-uni is you’ve got obligations. I found in Otago anyway you’re in a bit of a bubble, you’ve got time between lectures, you’ve got amazing resources, you’ve got a peer group of friends through to all the resources at university – be it lecturers or tutors or the capacity to even use things like with the computers or the printers, so you’ve got great resources at your fingertips and you’ve got the time to work on something.

Jake: What would be some tips you’d have around the management and the making of great events.

Hamish: Having an original concept I think is important and don’t be scared to dream big. If you want to do something creative down on the water or if you want to have a certain act that would suit the environment, don’t be scared to picture in your mind an ultimate event. And that’s what I feel we did with the first Rhythm and Vines. We wanted to have Heineken, we wanted to have the glass bottles, we wanted to have reggae music and some of New Zealand’s best artists. We weren’t scared to just stick to our vision. And then surrounding yourself with experts is another big tip. And we haven’t pretended to be world-class event festival promoters through our time and we’ve certainly learnt a lot, but bringing in experts in key areas.

As an entrepreneur surrounding yourself with the right people to learn off but also to do the best job I think is really important in event management.

I love meeting new people, I love being inspired, I love coming across new opportunities and keeping on the move I guess and as a result we’ve been able to bring in some fantastic people into our business and new idea, and you’ve got to keep not being scared to just keep moving.

Updated 1 Nov 2016