Transcript: the value of mentors

The value of mentors 

Jeremy: I rang people I went to university with and said "I’ve got this idea who do you know who could help?"

Sarah: It’s important to have someone who inspires you that is I guess within reach.

Anthony: What I’ve just found as you move through life and you move through your career you meet lots of people and you connect with so many and you don’t connect with others.

Mahe: If it’s someone you really look up to and you want some advice from them, and that’s when maybe you don’t know them you might need a formal approach.

Kathryn: Sometimes if you just say "can I buy you coffee for 20 minutes, and I promise 20 minutes", they might hear you out.

Shelley: Use the wisdom of other people around you. I can remember some of my early CEOs and chairpeople, if you ask them they’re really willing to give you the time and the energy and to sit down with you.

Anthony: Often it will be great entrepreneurs and those people that have achieved extraordinary things starting with nothing and you learn they have lots of life lessons that you can learn from.

Jeremy: There was this amazing group of people who might be a bit older. I was 24 they were in their 50s; they had kind of been round the block and they wanted to help, had all this experience and they could see that I was in a mission.

Kathryn: You never know what’ll come up in those conversations and the way it’s more of you tell where you’re at and having a clear vision of what you want out of the conversation and they might go away and think about it and a week later email you and say "I’m thinking about this".

Mahe: If you’re going to choose one guy or one person that’s going to help you, you know you want to have a huge amount of trust and know that they’ll be there through thick and thin.

Kathryn: It’s a privilege in NZ that we’re all accessible. We’re either talking about seven steps of separation, it’s not at all it’s probably more one or two.

Mahe: My manager for example, he’s had some tough things to say to me at certain times but we have a relationship that I respect.

Jeremy: So, it’s actually easier to attract people into your life who can be inspiring and really helpful. If they can come and see a spark in you that they can relate to.

Updated 20 Oct 2016