Grow careers in your business

Learn how to grow your employees' careers to benefit your business.

What is career development?

Everyone has a career, though not everyone uses the word. A ‘career’ is what people do over their lifetimes to achieve their potential in life and work.

Career development is the process of managing life, learning and work. A person who develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours to do this well will create a direction for themselves. They will be motivated and productive because they know where they are heading and how they can get there.

What benefits does it offer my business?

People are the biggest asset in most businesses. Making the most of their abilities is the key to:

  • lifting engagement and performance
  • building loyalty and commitment to your business
  • developing a more flexible workforce
  • earning your business a reputation as an employer of choice.

How does it fit with what I already do?

Career development adds another dimension to any processes you have for recruitment, skill development, employee engagement and retention. It supports your existing processes by adding in a longer-term view of the relationship between your business and your employees.

If the processes you have now are working for you then you might welcome a few more career development tools. If they are not, then career development strategies will help you improve what you do.

How can I introduce career development in my business?

Career development is a shared responsibility. Your employees must be willing to play an active and equal part in the process.

It works best when it is modelled at the top and well understood by everyone. You may want to try out some ideas first before involving all your employees. Our toolkit will help you decide what to do and plan how to do it.

Updated 11 Aug 2016