Getting the most from career expos

Use these ideas to help students get the most out of their visit to a career expo.

My Career Expo Planner

If you have time use My Career Expo Planner with students to prepare them for the visit. The planner has five steps to help direct students, and includes:

  • a self-assessment that students can complete before the expo
  • a checklist to help students plan what to see while at the expo
  • suggestions about how students can follow up on career ideas after the expo. 

Download My Career Expo Planner (Word - 7Mb)

Download My Career Expo Planner (PDF - 633Kb)

Tips for before, during and after the expo

If you don't have enough classroom time to work through My Career Expo Planner then try these ideas:

  • discuss the expo exhibitor list and brainstorm questions students could ask them
  • create a simple challenge for students to complete during the expo. See the ideas below.
  • ask form teachers to follow up on the challenge with students.

Expo challenge ideas

Year 10 and up

  • Find out what the six vocational pathways are. 
  • Find one industry training organisation, one private training company, one polytech and one university who are exhibiting at the expo.  Ask each of them what is different about studying or training with them.
  • Pick your two favourite subjects. Ask three different exhibitors what kind of courses or types of work they offer that are linked to these subjects.  

Year 11 and up

  • Pick an area of work, an industry or vocational pathway that interests you. Find three different places you could study or train to work in that area. 
  • Go to the industry training organisation exhibitors area. Ask them about New Zealand apprenticeships.

Year 12 and up

  • Find two exhibitors which offer study or training in an area you are interested in. Ask them what you would need to have the best chance of getting into their programmes. 
  • Go to the Studylink stand. Ask what financial help could be available to you when you study or train.

Updated 3 Apr 2014