National Certificate in Architectural Aluminium Joinery (Assembly and Glazing)

Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation

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Carpentry and Joinery

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What can I expect out of this qualification?

This qualification is the second part of a progressive career path leading to other qualifications for the aluminium joinery industry.

This open entry certificate builds on the National Certificate in Architectural Aluminium Joinery (Entry Skills) (Level 2) [Ref: 0765] and is intended for people with some work experience in this or other manufacturing industries. The skills recognised by this certificate are the more complex skills needed for the manufacture of aluminium joinery products as well as supervisory, teamwork, communication, computing, and customer service skills; and glass knowledge and cutting.

The compulsory section, an elective section and an optional strand give the certificate a number of exit points to allow for different skill combinations and greater flexibility for candidates.

The core skills for aluminium joinery are the assembly and glazing of aluminium joinery products. Standards relating to these activities are in the compulsory section, along with safety, measurement, industry and product knowledge.

The new elective section enables candidates to choose the training options most appropriate to their skill needs and their company''s organisation of production.

The glass standards in the elective section allow candidates, and their employers, flexibility. Candidates who need to be multi-skilled, or who wish to specialise in glass cutting, will select these standards. Candidates in companies who do little or no glass cutting on site will not be required to complete them.

Similarly the inclusion of cutting and machining in an optional strand in Cutting and Machining gives candidates and their employers the opportunity to be recognised for what are increasingly seen as specialist skills. The strand emphasises the importance of these skills to the industry, and formally recognises those who have them.

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