NZCDI Graduate Diploma in Advanced Curriculum Design and Academic Leadership

House of Montrose Limited

Subject area

Education Studies

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Entry requirements

Applicants must hold a formal teaching qualification (Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Teaching Diploma or Degree) or equivalent, and have at least 2 years teaching experience in a higher education or other setting. Applicants for whom English is not their first language will also be required to have achieved Academic IELTS 6 or equivalent with no band score below 5.5 in one test event. All applicants will be required to submit an application form, current curriculum vitae and write a statement about their professional goals and rationale for seeking entry into the programme. All learners wishing to enter the programme will undergo a conversation to discuss their interest in the programme. Applicants without a formal adult teaching qualification may enter this programme post successful completion of a prescribed preliminary paper 100, Adult Learning Theories, Approaches and Practices.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

The strategic purpose of this qualification is to provide the tertiary-higher, community and business sectors with advanced and comprehensively prepared specialist work-ready professional level curriculum designers and learning, training, development, capacity, education, academic leaders. Recent developments in tertiary-higher education, community and business organisations require advanced and experienced leaders who possess the practice and research-based capabilities to effectively improve the knowledge, knowledge making, social, thinking, practical, technical and interactive skills and personal beliefs, values and attitudes of those who work for or with them.
This qualification can be justified on the grounds it addresses new and more complex and unpredictable challenges in quality standards, accreditation, auditing, self-assessment and evaluation nationally and internationally in diverse tertiary-higher, community and business organisations. The qualification is unique in providing advanced capabilities identified by tertiary-higher education, community and business employers as essential for experienced curriculum designers and learning, training, development, capacity, education, academic leaders, such as: advanced understandings of learning and development strategies, priorities and progressions, specific governance and learning related planning requirements, programme components, scoping, consultation and stakeholder engagement, curriculum design, project management, curriculum design leadership, curriculum design approaches, curriculum design business, advanced programme philosophy, theory and conceptual frameworks, current education-academic quality management systems, and advanced curriculum design research and ethics suited to diverse professional staff including those highly educated and experienced in their specific fields and disciplines.
The qualification is designed for mature and advanced learners with an interest and experience of the learning-teaching sector who wish to move into a high level career as a specialised curriculum designer, and/or professional learning, training, development, capacity, education, academic sector leader. This qualification will contribute to the diverse and complex national and international tertiary-higher, community and business sectors by supporting transformations that increase the effectiveness, quality and quantity of current learning, tertiary-higher education, community and business sectors by quantifiably optimising and accelerating the effectiveness of the learning that can be achieved. The benefactors of this qualification will be the national and international tertiary-higher education and community and business sector organisations and their diverse stakeholders.
Graduates of the programme will achieve an advanced and experienced professional curriculum design and learning-academic leader capable of creating and implementing learning programmes for diverse, complex and high level learners and tertiary-higher, community and business organisations to effect excellence in learning and organisational outcomes.
The strategic purpose of this qualification is to provide the public, private, community and business sectors with advanced, specialised experienced, work-ready professional curriculum designers and learning, training, development, capacity, education, academic leaders capable of optimising and accelerating knowledge, skill and personal characteristics in who work for them to meet rising national and international organisational capability needs.

What graduates earn

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Employment rate two years after study

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