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National Certificate in Real Estate (Branch Manager)

Open Polytechnic

Subject area

Real Estate


52 Weeks

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About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

This National Certificate is the qualification that meets the legislative requirements for a licence to operate as a branch manager in the real estate industry.

This National Certificate is awarded to people who have demonstrated competence in the knowledge and skills required of licensed branch managers in the real estate agency industry.

The compulsory section of this qualification allows the candidate to demonstrate knowledge in a range of skills and knowledge required of a branch manager.

Holders of the qualification are able to: outline plans for real estate projects; implement the marketing function; manage the staffing function; facilitate performance of employees and contractors; manage trust accounts; implement internal controls and conduct internal checks and audits; manage the preparation of real estate contracts; facilitate the discharge of real estate contracts, manage real estate contracts of agency; explain leasing, legal, and financial matters to clients and prospective customers; provide clients and prospective customers with advice on resource management issues; demonstrate understanding of legal matters affecting real estate licensees; and prepare agency agreements and appraisals of commercial and industrial sites and qualify clients.

Holders of this qualification are also able to demonstrate knowledge of: team management and team building methods; financial transactions and financial statements; land ownership, transfer of ownership, and titles; the law of contract and the law of agency; misleading and deceiving conduct and misrepresentation; council zoning and building law needed as a real estate agent; licensing and code of professional conduct under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008; and requirements for properly supervising and managing a real estate business.

This qualification is structured with elective sections offering flexibility and a broad skill-base necessary for running a real estate business. The elective section of this qualification enables candidates to demonstrate knowledge and skills required for business appraisal, residential appraisal, and rural appraisal.

Holders of this qualification may apply to the Real Estate Agents Authority for a real estate branch manager's licence under the provisions of the Real Estate Agents (Licensing) Regulations 2009. They must do so if they wish to operate as a branch manager in the real estate industry.

This qualification has been designed to provide an exit point for salespeople wanting a licence to operate as a real estate branch manager and is intended to follow on from the National Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) (Level 4) [Ref: 1543] with which it shares some standards. All of the standards in this qualification are in the National Diploma in Real Estate (Agent) (Level 5) [Ref: 1731] and candidates are encouraged to undertake further training to progress to this qualification.

Key Information for Students

Entry Requirements

Minimum requirements

Real estate standards require good communication skills. People entering the programme must show they can understand requirements and instructions, and communicate to the required industry level. This might include: Level 2 credits from the subfields

Detailed requirements

See provider website for more details about entry to this qualification.


52 Weeks

Tuition Fees

Annual Total qualification
Student fees
(what you pay)
$3,089 $3,089
Government tuition subsidy
(what the government pays)
$5,413 $5,413
Total $8,502 $8,502

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Student Success


National Graduate Outcomes

Outcomes for students who completed qualifications at the same level and in the same subject area, three years after completion:

Median earnings $37,480
Earnings range $32,331 - $45,194
In employment 61%
In further study 27%
On a benefit 3%

All KIS information is the most recent data available and relates to domestic students only.

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