Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management (Level 7)

Abacus Institute of Studies

Subject area

Business and Management not elsewhere classified


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Entry requirements

A student applying for the Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management (Level 7) must meet the following entry requirements: * Age: 18 year or above and; * A bachelor's degree in any discipline (e.g., BA, B.Sc., B.Com. BBA, BCA, B.Tech.) Or an equivalent qualification, conferred by a New Zealand Tertiary Education Organisation or an NZQA-recognised degree from an overseas Tertiary Education Organisation. OR * A New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level-6), or National Diploma in Business (Level-6), or an NZQA-recognised equivalent appropriate qualification, from a New Zealand Tertiary Education Organisation. Applicants who possess qualifications other than the above may be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, such qualifications to be considered shall not be below that required for entry into a university degree programme. Mature students aged at least 21 years will also be considered on a case-by-case basis and must provide attested curriculum vitae which demonstrate at least 3 years of equivalent relevant experience in areas that include but are not limited to business or marketing management, strategic planning or the supervision of business operations. International students with English as their second language must demonstrate English language skills equivalent to an IELTS overall score of 6.0 (academic), or equivalent as prescribed by the NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Rules 2013: Rule 181. 1 http Applicants will also be required to provide an initial statement of intent at the time of application and will be subject to an interview in order to determine their suitability for the programme and are subject to Student entry regulations which can be found in the Abacus QMS (Section 6.1).

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

This qualification equips students with the business skills and knowledge required for 21st century management and leadership, develops a holistic perspective and critical understanding of strategic environmental and societal aspects of businesses and their interrelations. Furthermore this qualification will build entrepreneurial acumen for creating and developing high performing, sustainable organisations. This Level 7 qualification also provides a pathway for further study.

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