Manual Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing Technique (Micro-credential)

Evolution School of Beauty, Massage & Spa

Subject area

Beauty Therapy


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Entry requirements

Learners must be committed and be driven to succeed in the cosmetic tattooing sector, and

* Be able to complete the practical aspects of this micro-credential in the clinic or in a home-base salon environment that meets all health and hygiene standards, and
* demonstrate responsibility for leadership within this dynamic industry, and
* be Interested in developing employment opportunities in the beauty industry, and
* hold NCEA level 1 or equivalent
* hold a current First Aid Certificate
* have access to a mobile device

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

This micro-credential is designed to provide the beauty sector with specialised cosmetic tattoo technicians who have the skills and knowledge to critically analyse and evaluate clients' needs in relation to eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, and can provide the specialised service of manual microblading and machine shading technique. Graduates will be capable of working autonomously providing this specialised cosmetic tattooing service.

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Contact details

Main Campus Office

Phone: (09) 438 6583

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