Introduction to Avalanche Risk Management (iARM) (Micro-credential)

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Subject area

Sport and Recreation Activities


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Entry requirements

Learners must demonstrate that they are proficient in the use of avalanche transceiver, shovels and probes before assessment of unit standard 30454. This may be evidenced through the achievement of unit standard 21740 - Demonstrate use of avalanche transceivers, shovels and probes or attestation that the learner can find a transceiver buried 30 cm below the surface in a 20m X 20m search area within four minutes.

Attestation must be by a suitably qualified person. In this case a graduate of the NZ Certificate in Avalanche Risk Management (Level 5) {Ref 3490} (or recognised equivalent) or higher.

Learners must have access to an appropriate environment to carry out the practical requirements of the micro-credential.

About the course

What can I expect out of this qualification?

This micro-credential aims to provide the outdoors and snow sport sector with individuals who have the knowledge and skills to identify and avoid personal risk from avalanche hazards while carrying out activities in snow area contexts.

Primarily this qualification is for people who operate in potential avalanche terrain and need to be able to identify an avalanche hazard and then avoid it. Examples include: Snowsport instructors, Department of Conservation workers. Land Search and Rescue (non-Alpine Cliff Rescue team) back country users and those who want to ski/snowboard just outside the ski area boundary.

Within a ski area these people are likely to be non-patrol staff who work when patrol staff (who assess and manage any avalanche risk) aren't around. Examples include snow makers, groomer drivers, road crew. These employees are not in roles where they are responsible for gathering highly technical weather and snow pack data or making complex snow safety decisions.

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