Transcript - Work Inspiration - Developing Tomorrow's Talent

Female student: It felt great, seeing all these people, how hard working they are, how much they love their job. It inspired me more to follow what I want to.
Wendy Toohey: It’s nice to be able to send them somewhere where they can actually just widen their horizons.
Ashleigh Collier: Back at school I had no idea what I wanted to do and all I wanted to do was get out and get some experience. It would have been such an awesome opportunity to be able to come in and see if it’s something I’d enjoy.
Pam Norris: They can get out of the classroom and actually see how the real world works and I’m sure a few of them would like to actually have a go at some of these jobs.
Male student: I thought it would be a really good opportunity for me to get to know about a business like this ‘cos this is a really successful business and I wanted to know what actually makes it successful.
Wendy: They went in with very little knowledge of what a working environment was about and they’ve come out with a huge knowledge, it’s just changed their whole focus completely.
Male student 2: I thought it would be a good experience for me to learn what kind of departments are in a business and how it runs. I’ll probably do servicing because I like the practical stuff.
Female student 2: I feel I’ve gotten a lot more confident over these last three days and I’m not afraid to ask questions.
Male student 3: Talking to customers and stuff like that I hadn’t really done anything outside of school towards business so that kind of built confidence up.
Dan Henderson: I think it’s really important that we don’t forget to connect the worlds of education and employment. So often schools and employers are working by themselves in their own silos so we actually need to bring those worlds together.
Michael Gapes: When they first came in they were shy and out of their comfort zone and it’s just amazing how quickly they’ve walked up. I can talk to them quite openly now.
Jane Stella: At the end of our celebration event we had one young girl walk up to the CEO and have a conversation about what would be the possibility of doing some work experience here and he agreed to it.
Rob Hunt: As an existing talent programme for your staff, this is a way which you can create leadership opportunities, engage them with students, and create value in your existing staff and the engagement they have with the students.
Dave Turner: If there is a need for recruitment, if there is a need for branding, if’s there is a need for improving your reputation, if there is a need to boost the morale of your staff, then Work Inspiration is a very good investment.
Rob Hunt: From a community perspective it’s a great thing to do, it feels good and we see the outcomes for both the students and schools as a result of the programme, so I think it hits a lot of markers.

Updated 7 Jun 2017