Getting ready to engage with learners

A young student wearing safety gear walks with a middle aged male man wearing safety gear on demolition worksites.

Prepare your workplace before you engage with learners

Building connections with Year 7 to 10 learners will make sure the skills you need for your business are in their minds when they choose their career paths in Year 11 and Year 12.

How do you prepare your business to make connections?

1. Understand the skills you need

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the technical and job specific skills needed?
  • What are the skill gaps?
  • What are the essential employability skills you need?

2. Understand how your skills match NCEA subjects

NCEA is made up of units of skills that Year 11 to 13 learners study.

  • Find NCEA subjects that match skills needed in your workplace.
  • Find out how Vocational Pathways match learners to your industry.
  • Check our Job profiles to find out what NCEA subjects match your job.

3. Health check your business

A health check on your business before you start is a good idea, including:

  • what you are currently doing to engage young people with your business
  • how ready your staff are to engage with young people
  • how many resources you can commit to engagement.

Updated 2 Oct 2019