Primary Industry Big Day Out Whangarei transcript

Orchardist: We've got a 30 hectare orchard we have kiwifruit, avocados, raspberries and figs on this orchard. Plant and Food Research have been doing trials on it for about 15 years, probably would have been about 20 scientists involved, that's one side of horticulture.

We found out that what had happened in the lab is that they hadn't cleaned their equipment properly so this is an example of how important biosecurity is, but also how important being a good scientist is.

Nevandra Straker: My name is Nevandra, I'm from Whangarei Girls High School and I'm in Year 11. I learnt that all the seeds in the kiwifruit come from bees visiting them; that was pretty interesting; also that there are multiple different types of golden kiwifruit and I realize that they need 8,400,000 bees for pollinating.

Paulette Scrooby: So my name is Paulette Scrooby and I work for Taratahi Agricultural Training. I'm the student recruitment and support person for the Northland and Auckland region.

I think one - meeting the students has been fantastic, and also being able to dig a bit deeper into the careers yeah -seeing what's behind the scenes and realizing what cool jobs are out there that I think most of the students here probably had no idea about until they visited. It's literally a doorway to a whole new world - the primary industries or the agriculture industry, so i think i would encourage students and parents to explore options and think a little bit outside the box because basically it's up to you. Yeah attitude is everything.

Michelle Turner: And I really wish I'd done what you guys are doing and had this opportunity when I was leaving school or thinking about those final years of school, and what I would have done differently with my life I guess and my career, so it's never too late to start.

Brent Ingles: So a lot of people think with primary and horticulture it's just milking the cows or picking the crop but you can go on to be a manager and owner and sharemilker. So the opportunities are there and Northland really needs them.

People just don't realize the opportunities we have in agriculture in this country and even the cityscapes and the different work that goes on right through the country not just rurally - and keep your eyes open, we're everywhere.

Eric Morrison: It's nice to see them out here and learning a little bit more about the great careers that are both afforded to people in the dairy industry, on farm, but also built around it. So for instance with Fonterra or with LIC you also hear talking today from a sustainability standpoint, from a milk quality standpoint, so many enriching careers and it's just great to see people learning about those.

Andy Somerville: So the benefits for young people here is that this is a growth area for Northland. The work that's being done here is focusing on some innovative ideas and there are career options running right through the value chain - it's not just one dimension, it's the full range that supports this huge part of New Zealand's economy with an objective of getting a stronger message through to young people that here are a huge range of opportunities in the primary industries.