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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our job opportunities information may be out of date. We'll start our updates again as soon as possible.

Brochures and flyers

Careers New Zealand brochures and flyers that are free to order.

Careers New Zealand brochure


This brochure outlines the three steps in the career planning process and how Careers New Zealand can provide assistance to people who are making decisions about jobs, training or careers in New Zealand.

Careers New Zealand can help people at any age or stage of their life, by providing information and advice to help them consider their options, plan ahead and make the job, training and career choices that are right for them.

Contact Us card


This is a business card, listing Careers New Zealand's contact information and social media channels.

Creating your future posters

These posters are designed to encourage students to start thinking about their career options, and to investigate Careers New Zealand resources to help them make decisions. 

Updated 26 Aug 2019