Computer Science High Achievers Award

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What does the scholarship get me?


Closing dates for applications

Next: 15 August 2022

by 15 August.

Length of award

One year.

Number of awards offered


Purpose of award

This scholarship recognises and supports high-achieving students at the University who are entering their first year of a Bachelor of Science degree programme and majoring in Computer Science. Five scholarships are available annually, one of which is reserved for a Maori or Pasifika student.

Selection criteria

Applicants must have completed, or be completing, a university entrance qualification and have studied at secondary level in New Zealand in the year of application (or, in the case of a gap year, in the year immediately prior). International students who meet these requirements are eligible to apply. Applicants must declare their intention to major in Computer Science and to enrol in specified Year 1 Computer Science courses. Recipients who gain direct entry into Year 2 of the degree programme will be exempt from enrolling in the specified courses.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

A condition of acceptance is that recipients permit publication and announcement of their acceptance of the award and are willing to engage in University community activities, such as student mentoring, acting as University ambassadors, and being involved with Universitypublicity as appropriate.

How do students apply?

Applications for the scholarships must be made online at the Scholarships website by 15 August.
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Decision makers

The scholarships is awarded by the Council of the University, on the recommendation of a selection committee comprising:
a. the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Engineering) (or nominee); and
b. the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (or nominee).

History or background of award

This scholarship was established by the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering in 2012.

Additional information

More inofrmation here.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact

The Scholarships Office
University of Canterbury
Level 3, Registry, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
+64 3 366 7001


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