Tastes of Home Scholarship

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What does the scholarship get me?

Up to a maximum of $3000See additional information

Closing dates for applications

Next: 30 April 2021

February and June each yearFeb 2021 round moved to April 2021

Length of award

One year only.

Number of awards offered


Purpose of award

All proceeds from the sale of the Tastes of Home book go towards creating a scholarship fund for people from refugee backgrounds, to support successful completion of a degree at AUT.

Selection criteria

Applicants must be:
1.  NZ citizens or permanent residents from a refugee background.
2. Currently enrolled or intending to enroll in the semester following application in a programme of study of no less than 30 points per semester and up to a maximum of 120 points per academic year.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

The award of this scholarship is conditional on the recipient being enrolled in a programme of study at AUT of at least 30 points per semester and up to a maximum of 120 points per academic year.

How do students apply?

Applications are via the AUT online scholarship application portal.  Applicants must complete the online application and will be asked to upload:
1. A brief (maximum 2 pages) CV;
2. Academic transcripts for study not completed at AUT;
3. Personal statement (maximum one page) briefly describing how this scholarship will help you to advance your goals at University, the work you plan to undertake once you have completed your course of study and any special circumstances (family, personal or financial) that could be considered as part of your application;
4. A list of the expenses for which you are seeking support.

Applicants must nominate one referee in the application portal who can support their application. The applicant will send an email from the application portal to their nominated referee requesting their support.
Application Form

How and when do students learn of the decision?

Applicant will be notified of the outcome by the AUT Scholarships Office as soon as possible after the panel have met.

Decision makers

The selection panel will include representatives of the Tastes of Home project.

History or background of award

Over 10 months, a group of AUT students and staff, inspired by a common desire to improve former refugees’ access to tertiary education, came together to voluntarily co-create a cookbook featuring recipes and stories of AUT students and alumni from refugee/migrant backgrounds.

Additional information

A number of stipend awards will be made each semester up to a maximum of $3000 to cover travel, uniforms, work placement expenses, text books, other non-tuition related expenses and expenses connected to access related costs are also welcome.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact


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