Edna Waddell Undergraduate Scholarships for Women in Technology and Engineering

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What does the scholarship get me?

$5,000 each

Closing dates for applications

Next: 1 September 2023

1 September

Length of award

One year.

Number of awards offered

Up to four

Purpose of award

The Edna Waddell scholarships are for women entering their first year of full time study for undergraduate degrees in professional engineering or technology - open to school leavers and mature women. Each scholarship is for one year, the initial year of study.

Selection criteria

• Applicants will be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents with at least three years proven residence in New Zealand.
• Applicants for the Edna Waddell scholarships will be gaining the entry qualifications for their chosen degree.
• Applicants need to show enthusiasm and knowledge of technology and engineering, particularly in their chosen field.
• Applicants will have leadership and creative skills.
• Applicants will ensure their degree programme meets eligibility requirements: See the appendix in the scholarship Regulations.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

Successful scholars shall:
• enrol in and study for the agreed course at a university in New Zealand in the year for which the Scholarship is awarded
• use the Scholarship in any way which helps the Scholar to meet the purposes of the award
• supply an academic transcript and a short report on their academic progress at the end of each semester in the year the scholarship is held
• in the opinion of the Board make positive and satisfactory progress at the institution at which they are studying; unsatisfactory progress may lead to termination of the Scholarship and to a request from the Board for return of the emolument
• undertake to return any Scholarship money paid in the event that the chosen course of study is not immediately undertaken once the scholarship is awarded or other conditions of tenure are not met.

How do students apply?

Candidates should complete an application using the Universities NZ online scholarships application website:
Scholarship Page

How and when do students learn of the decision?

Universities New Zealand will notify applicants in November of the outcome of their application.

Decision makers

A Scholarship Selection Committee comprising:
• three representatives of the technology & engineering faculties at NZ universities
• a member of Engineering NZ (www.engineeringnz.org) 
• a member selected from the industry.

History or background of award

The Edna Waddell scholarships provide funds for women entering their first year of an undergraduate degree in professional engineering or technology.

Additional information

The Scholarships are tenable with other awards, but account will be taken of the aggregate circumstances of the individual and the Trustees’ wish to use available funds to best advantage.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact

Universities New Zealand – Te Pōkai Tara
PO Box 11915, Wellington 6142
+64 4 381 8510


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