Westpac Southland Scholarship (University of Otago)

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What does the scholarship get me?

$600 per year.

Closing dates for applications

Next: 31 March 2021

31 March

Length of award

The scholarships will be tenable for three years.

Number of awards offered


Purpose of award

The scholarships shall be open to candidates who, throughout the two years immediately preceding the award, have been in regular attendance at a post-primary school in Southland.

Selection criteria

Applicants must be:
candidates who have attended a secondary school in Southland throughout the two years immediately preceding the award. Awards are made on the basis of the academic results from a student's final year of secondary school.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

A holder of the scholarship who wishes to take a professional course which is not available at the
University of Otago, may, after the completion of the first year of study, and with the permission of the
Senate,complete the tenure of the scholarship at some other University in New Zealand. No payment shall be made unless the scholar is making satisfactory progress.

How do students apply?

Written applications on the prescribed form for the scholarship must be in the hands of the Manager, Student Administration, University of Otago, not later than 15 March.
Application Form
Scholarship Page

How and when do students learn of the decision?

The scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of a student’s Year 13 academic results from secondary school.

Decision makers

University of Otago.

History or background of award

In 1924 the Trustees of the Invercargill Savings Bank made a donation of £1,000 to the University for the establishment of the Invercargill Savings Bank Scholarship for Boys and in the following year made a similar donation for the establishment of the Invercargill Savings Bank Scholarship for Girls. Through the years the name has changed to the Southland Savings Bank Scholarship, the Trust Bank Southland Scholarship, the Westpac Trust Southland Scholarship, and the Westpac Southland Scholarship.

Additional information

The scholarships may be held with any other scholarships or awards.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact

Administrator - Entrance Scholarships
University of Otago
PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054
0800 808098


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