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What does the scholarship get me?

A minimum of $3,000 and up to $5,000 for full-time students, or pro-rated for part time students.

Closing dates for applications

Next: 20 July 2020

20 August each year

Length of award

One year.

Number of awards offered


Purpose of award

To financially assist new students enrolling at Massey University with a previous record of high achievement in sport.

Selection criteria

All applicants must be eligible, and intending, to enrol:

* for either full-time (minimum of 105 credits) or part-time (minimum of 45 credits) study;
* in the first year (i.e. 100 level) of a Bachelor degree programme;
* in the year following the award of the Scholarship;
* at any Massey University campus.

All applicants need to meet the entry criteria for the programme that they intend to enrol in at Massey University.

Selection will be made on the basis of:
*evidence of excellence in sport in the previous three years both inside and outside of the school context, (e.g. provincial or national representative)
*support of Coach and National Body (compulsory)
In making their selection the Selection Committee may have regard to applicants' academic records.

Non school leaver applicants in this category must be able to demonstrate equivalent competence across a minimum of four subject areas.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

A Scholarship awarded for part-time study may not subsequently be increased for the purpose of full-time study.
Recipients of the Sports Scholarship will be expected to continue with their sport at the level currently attained or higher while at University

How do students apply?

Application forms are available from Massey University Student Liaison Officers or downloaded from the Scholarships and awards website: from Massey Contact, Massey University, Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North 4442, or email: Application forms can also be downloaded from the Scholarships and awards website:

Completed application forms should be sent as pdf to the Scholarships Office or as hardcopy to: Scholarships, Massey University, Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North 4442 by the closing date.

Courier Address: Scholarships Office, Massey University, Tennent Drive, Palmerston North.
Academy of Sport

How and when do students learn of the decision?

Payment will be made in two instalments upon confirmation of enrolment in semesters one and payment in Semester two will be subject to review of academic performance in Semester one. Payment is made following the official withdrawal dates for these semesters.

Decision makers

The Selection Committee comprises of the Chair of the Scholarships Committee or nominee, one other member of the Scholarships Committee, the Disabilities co-ordinator, or nominee, and two academic staff members teaching in the Sports area.

History or background of award

The Massey University Academy of Sport Scholarship was established to support new student athletes enrolling at Massey University with a previous record of high achievement in sport and who show future potential in their chosen sport.

Additional information

The Massey Academy of Sport

The Massey University Academy of Sport is a sport scholarship programme provided to athletes who combine their sporting commitments with tertiary study. Sport and Academic support services are provided to each athlete within the programme. Sport specific services include physical conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, gym memberships, group topical seminars and training gear. Academic support provides one on one staff support, time management and academic planning, career advice, and assistance with scheduling conflicts and with travel to national and international sport competitions. All sport services are quality assured, provided by New Zealand Academy of Sport accredited providers.

Athletes accepted in to the programme are typically of National and International standard in their chosen sport code.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact

Massey University
Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North 4442


Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently. The administrator of this record last updated this information in June 2020.