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What does the scholarship get me?

Tuition Fees.

Closing dates for applications

Apply at any time. Please contact NZIS for more details.

Length of award

One Year.

Number of awards offered

One + (Maori and Pacific island categories also available)

Purpose of award

Students applying for study at the New Zealand Institute of Sport may wish to apply for a part of full fees scholarship.

Selection criteria

Scholarships are awarded on the following criteria:
* Academic Achievement - Exceptional Academic Record
* Sporting Achievement - Representative level in one or more sports
* Club/Community Contribution - Commitment to club and/or community events.

There are also a number of places for Pacific Island and Māori available.

Mere Fiso Bailey Scholarship:
Each year a Diploma student will be awarded the Mere Fiso Bailey Scholarship. The selected student must have achieved in both academic and sporting areas to an excellent standard, and must demonstrate a full commitment to the life at NZIS. This scholarship is to the value of $8,000 to help towards tuition fees, course related costs and other agreed student costs.

How do students apply?

To apply for scholarships, individuals are required to send a detailed CV, covering letter and two written references of support (from coaches, teachers or members of the community) along with the application.
Application Form
NZIS Online Application Form

Decision makers

New Zealand Institute of Sport Scholarship Committee.

History or background of award

Each year NZIS offers a selected number of free tuition scholarships across our three sites in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact

New Zealand Institute of Sport
PO Box 1260, Wellington 6140
0800 694 776


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