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Ngapuhi Education Scholarships: Pre-University/Tertiary Entry Certificate/Diploma

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What does the scholarship get me?

$500 each.

Closing dates for applications

Next: 29 March 2019

by 5.00 pm on Friday, 29th March 2019.

Length of award

One Year

Number of awards offered

10 Pre University/ tertiary Certificate/ Diploma Scholarships

Purpose of award

The overall aim of Ngapuhi Scholarships is to assist Ngapuhi students to fulfill their potential for academic success, and encourage applicants to contribute their skills towards the well being and betterment of Ngapuhi whanau, hapu, iwi.

Selection criteria

• If you received a Scholarship last year, you are ineligible to apply this year. However, you may reapply next year if you have not reached the maximum number of scholarship awards, as per section 3.0 of the Ngāpuhi Education Scholarship Policy (version 2.0)
• You must be registered on the Ngāpuhi Iwi Register
• You must be studying full-time (tertiary education year) in 2017 at an approved tertiary education institution in New Zealand or overseas

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

Although successful recipients are not bonded to the Rūnanga, you are expected to fulfil your agreement obligations by: Providing a copy of your end of year results by March of the year following your award, and/or

How do students apply?

Email or Post your complete application, with all supporting documents, by 5 pm FRIDAY 31 MARCH 2017 to: Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-O-Ngāpuhi / Attn: Scholarships / PO Box 263 / Kaikohe 0440 Freephone 0800 NGĀPUHI (0800 642 784) or 09 4015530 Email scholarships @ngapuhi.org / Web www.ngapuhi.iwi.nz
Application Form
Information sheet

How and when do students learn of the decision?

All applicants will be notified in writing by 1st May 2019.
• Funds will be paid by direct credit to your nominated bank account before 1st May 2019.
Please be advised that if successful, you will not be eligible for another scholarship the year following receipt of disbursement

Decision makers

The applications will be considered by the Committee appointed by the Rūnanga Board, whose decisions will be final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into on these matters.

History or background of award

Te Runanga-A-Iwi-O-Ngapuhi Scholarship Awards were established in 2003.

Additional information

Pre-Bachelor / Undergraduate Ngāpuhi Scholarships These scholarships are available for students who are focused on gaining essential skills for further higher education study. It is envisaged that successful completion of your chosen course and receipt of a certificate or diploma will make you eligible to apply for admission to a higher level of study in an approved educational institution.

Please note: Pre-Bachelor/Undergraduate Ngāpuhi scholarships will only be awarded to applicants enrolled in programmes that are a pathway to further higher education study e.g. Foundation Certificate Tohu Tū-ā-papa Mātauranga (Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland) which prepares students for entry into the Bachelor of Education (Teaching Māori Medium) course of study.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact

Registrations & Funding | Ngapuhi Iwi Registrar
Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi
PO Box 263, Kaikohe 0440
0800 642 784


Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently. The administrator of this record last updated this information in January 2019.