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What does the scholarship get me?

20 at full tuition subsidy and 20 at 50% tuition subsidy

Closing dates for applications

Next: 3 November 2018

Applications usually close on 3rd of November.

Length of award

Digital Creativity foundation programme component certificates of study.

Number of awards offered


Purpose of award

Whether you aspire to work in game art and development, post production and visual effects for film, animation, or in the fields of graphic, motion,
or web and mobile design, the Digital Creativity Foundation programme of study aims to prepare you for Media Design School’s Bachelor degree programmes or for employment in entry-level roles in the creative industries.
Through the course of the year, you’ll touch on the fundamentals of Visual Communication, including digital video production, web and motion graphic design, Concept Art, 3D Design and an introduction to Game Design, which will help us to find out more about yourself as an artist and as a person.
Your creative journey will be reflected in the pieces that you create throughout the year, including your portfolio, CV, and cover letter, which you can use to apply for further study with Media Design School or for job opportunities in the creative industries.

Selection criteria

To be eligible to apply for a Pacific Emerging Talent Scholarship – Digital Creativity, you must:
Identify as being of Pacific Island descent
Apply for the Digital Creativity foundation programme online. This includes providing a letter of intent that explains why you would like to be considered for the Digital Creativity foundation programme and a completed Digital Creativity Task sheet, which is available through the Media Design School Admissions team.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

Applicants must be a New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents who is of Pasifika descent.

How do students apply?

To be eligible for this scholarship, you will need to explicitly state that you are applying for the Pacific Emerging Talent Scholarship in your Letter of Intent, which is part of your official Media Design School application.
The application must be handed in with all relevant paperwork (including past transcripts and certified documents) to be eligible for this scholarship opportunity. 
Application Form

How and when do students learn of the decision?

Scholarship results will be announced by the week of January 2018 

Decision makers

There are Media Design School Pacific Emerging Talent Scholarships on offer.  The Scholarship Recipients will be determined on the merits of the student’s Digital Creativity Task Sheet and Letter of Intent.
The submissions will be judged by a panel of Media Design School’s Admissions team, which will consist of representatives from the programme that the student is applying for as well as members of the Marketing and Admissions department(s).
When considering your application, the Academic and Admissions Board may ask you to provide evidence of Pasifika descent.
The Academic and Admissions Panel’s determination of the scholarship recipients will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

History or background of award

Our Digital Creativity foundation programme is a great way to discover which career in digital design is for you. This programme has been recently redesigned to align with industry standards, meaning that the practical and technical design skills that you leave with will match the expectations of your future employers.

Additional information

There are 20 fully-funded Pacific Emerging Talent Scholarships on offer. These scholarships will cover the tuition fees for the entire Digital Creativity foundation programme, which cover the fees for both the New Zealand Certificate in Arts and Design and the New Zealand Certificate in Digital Media and Design (that, combined, make up the Digital Creativity foundation programme).

There are also 20 Pacific Emerging Talent Bursaries, which will cover 50% of the recipient's tuition fees for the Digital Creativity foundation programme.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact

Sandra Fatu-Nu’u
Pasifika Student Liaison Advisor
Media Design School
Media Design School, Media Design Centre, 92 Albert St, Auckland, New Zealand
+64 9 303 0402
+64 9 303 0646


Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently. The administrator of this record last updated this information in August 2018.